Oriental area

Our Oriental area includes two hamams, an exfoliation table and a sensorial shower. In the hamam, you can plunge into a warm Turkish bath reaching temperatures of 50°C. It provides relaxation for the body and mind and eliminates stress. A session lasts about 45 minutes.

After a session in the gym, the hamam is recommended for faster reinvigoration, preventing aches and pains and eliminating toxins. The heat and humidity also help unclog the respiratory tract.

After the hamam, you can enjoy a sensorial shower. This is a hybrid hot and cold shower with a strong stream of water aimed at creating a “thermal shock” to fortify your skin. Your muscles will also relax under the massage jets, while an aromatic spray, lightning flashes and the feeling of a tropical shower will effortlessly carry you away to a world of pure relaxation.

  • 450m² Spa

  • The Wild River

  • The Wave Lagoon


Non-resident clients: Opening dates

Aqualiday Water Park is open for non-residents guests until 4th November 2018!

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